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The Burj Khalifa. The Etihad Towers. The Palm Island. The Mall of the Emirates. The UAE, most notably its capital, Abu Dhabi and its most populous city, Dubai, are home to some of the world’s most impressive and magnificent structures that tower over deserts and occupy massive lands. How in the world where they able to construct such skyscrapers and grand developments?

Not without help, that’s for certain. For any construction project, whether it’s a 70-storey mixed-use building with luxury apartments and offices or a modest medical clinic, expert project management is required. The project management consultants in UAE ensure the smooth and timely progress of any construction work being done in the emirates. By outsourcing project management to an established agency, your company can focus on other equally critical aspects of the construction. And you’ll have access to a high level of technical expertise necessary to generate solid and reliable plans.

Your chosen project management consultant should demonstrate capacity and capabilities for project planning and financial planning. Project planning allows you to identify key elements that secure the outcome you want while financial planning keeps your objectives and requirements for the construction project in proper perspective through detailed budgets and expenditures. One, naturally, cannot exist without the other.

Another crucial service your project management consultant should provide is specialized delay analysis and forensic planning. As any construction company knows, problems will arise in any given job. These problems could range from the critical (e.g., labor strikes, plan errors, or significant site conditions) to the compensable (e.g. worker accidents or contractor errors). Delays, for whatever project, can result in schedule change, increased costs, missed completion dates, and in the most troubling cases, claims and litigation.

Top project management consultants that provide expert delay analysis and detailed forensic planning as part of its claims management services can help your construction project anticipate or manage delays. The project management consultant will use thorough CPM (Critical Path Method) schedule in conjunction with periodic monitoring to evaluate potential delays so that you’re able to resolve issues immediately. When delays are inevitable, the analysis may then be used to resolve disputes and support claims.

Whether it’s a large-scale project involving multiple buildings or an average construction project, your company needs expert help. Seek the technical expertise of a top project management consultant in the UAE. And ensure a good start and an ideal ending for every construction job you get.

March 30th, 2020

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