Why The Building Industry Requires Quantity Surveying Services

Companies in big industries like construction and engineering require expert advice on many of the aspects of their operations, especially when they’re carrying out a project for a client.  It’s imperative that they are able to measure different variables like costs, the efficacy of methodologies followed, etc. However, it’s hard to manage these things while they’re working too closely on the project – it can be difficult to be thoroughly objective since there are “home-grown” interests that come into play.

For this purpose, quantity surveying services provide the perfect solution. Quantity surveyors are equipped with industrial knowledge and can provide advice on a multitude of project requirements, making sure that costs are minimized while ensuring great value for the project.  The services cover a wide range of project considerations such as Cost Planning, Contractual Advice, Cost-control and Financial Management, Facilities Management, Insurance Advice, Life Cycle Costing, Preliminary Cost Advice, Procurement Methods, Tendering, Valuation of Construction Work, and Value Management, to cite some.

The services of quantity surveyors are so important prior to securing the project, while the project is being accomplished, and after the project has been completed. Prior to securing the project, most of the time big companies receive an invitation to tender (ITT), and if they are interested, they have to come up with a solid tender that highlights why they are the best company to take on the project. One of the predominant objectives in coming up with winning bids and tenders is to always keep project expenses down, and with the help of quantity surveyors, a construction company that will be tendering can easily be guided by the quantity surveyors towards the best options for materials and methods based on cost, degree of practicality and end value.

Now, when the contract’s been won, the same professionals can assist the company on how to effectively manage resources, costs of equipment and facilities. Since procurement methods are under the umbrella of quantity surveyor services, surveyors offer their expertise and the tools necessary in finding the best contractors and suppliers for the project. Again, costs can be kept to a minimum without compromising the final outcome of the project.

As for benefits after the project has been completed, the life cycle costing analysis will prove to be the most reliable reference in determining if the financial objectives were properly met or if the end-clients truly got the best value for their investment. It takes into account the overall quality of the constructed facility, reusability, maintainable, operational cost, maintenance, residual and disposal costs, and so much more.

There’s still a host of other benefits and building companies that are seeking a competitive advantage by winning major projects definitely require quantity surveying services to do just that.

February 28th, 2018

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