Important Components Of Construction Project Planning And Scheduling

Construction is considered a high-risk industry. Apart from the many hazards a construction project deals with, there are numerous policies to be upheld in order to go about the process with as few hassles as possible. And if the project was won in a bid, keeping costs down and completing the job within the given timeframe are major requirements that need to be properly addressed as well.

Needless to say, it’s not easy – even for industry experts, the set process or methodology can only do so much because there are always variables that are hard to control or only seem to work in theory and not reality. But the overall value of proper construction project planning and scheduling is how a company in charge of the project can stay thoroughly organized despite the difficulty of the task. Also, by clearly defining jobs and the role that each member of the project team has to take, it’s easier to streamline efforts and prevent superfluous activities.

All these are presented in a comprehensive document that serves as a road-map to help determine which aspects of the project are being done on time and properly, and which are not. This document has to have the following important components:

The first one would have to be the actual Project Plan; this identifies the Work Breakdown Structure, the effort and resources for the project, and the elaborate time-frame or schedule for every aspect of the project.

Second is the Resource Plan which is all about identifying the resources (materials, labor, and equipment), and the schedule and activity for which they will be used. The Resource Plan is divided into two categories: the Resource Schedule Table which determines which item of labor, material or equipment is needed, and the Resource Usage Table which identifies the activity that these resources should be used for.

Third is the Procurement Plan; this lists all the requirements of the project that would have to come from external suppliers, why they need to be outsourced, and how they will be procured. Included in this plan is a detailed explanation why such supplier and products were chosen.

And the last one is Project Monitoring because everything has to go according to plan to achieve the construction project’s target objectives. This is a very stringent process because of the importance of understanding the cause and effect of certain decisions, and how all these impact the complete process towards the goal.

With all these components carefully consolidated, a construction project can be carried out in the timeliest, most compliant, organized and productive manner – ensuring its successful completion.

March 28th, 2018

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