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There is nothing easy about construction projects. Before the site even gets prepared, the manpower hired, and the suppliers outsourced, certain things can already make building projects troublesome from the very start. And no business involved in the project would ever hope for such complexities, which will drive up costs and, in some cases, hold up the progress of the construction.

When these problems present themselves during the project, the client and the contractor could find themselves embroiled in a dispute and hostilities could lead to litigation where claims are concerned. This kind of contentious outcome may be avoided and/or managed properly when a delay analysis service is obtained in line with project planning.

A delay input analysis evaluates possible disruptions and their corresponding impacts to the construction project. Delay analysis programs could reveal cause and effect of change as well as deliver report writing and schedules, which would complement a claims submission. The best way to determine potential disruptions or setbacks is to use the Critical Path Method or CPM schedule, which is a scheduling technique used by a majority of construction businesses to achieve project results.

The CPM incorporates all the work laid down in the contracts as well as the expanded activities of vendors and subcontractors, and provides a time required to finish an activity. Used in conjunction with close monitoring, the CPM can be fairly effective in determining delays. These delays may come from the client’s side or the contractor’s side. Either way, the CPM and periodic monitoring will root out any issues that put the construction project behind schedule.

Knowing such problems before they even occur will allow companies involved in the project to address them appropriately, and the resolutions will then prevent costly and hostile claim suits. When a claims submission is inevitable, the delay analysis can still be used during negotiations or litigation. A reputable construction project management company will use detailed forensic evaluation and analysis of facts to demonstrate actual loss and expenses.

Project planning and analysis go hand in hand to ensure that construction projects meet contractual obligations and expected results. With any massive undertaking, from commercial developments to infrastructure projects, problems could arise and delays could stall work and incur further costs. Whether these things can actually be avoided or not, construction companies need to be prepared for anything.

From onsite accidents to delinquent vendors, get ahead of potential sources for delays. Plan for possible disruptions. Resolve problems and prevent costly claims. Get professional delay input analysis with project planning today.

March 13th, 2019

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