Successful Building Project Management Starts With The Right Manager

Building or construction projects are understandably complex operations. A large number of workers and specialists are needed to perform a variety of functions and accomplish tasks simultaneously, so a high level of coordination and control is in order. Generally, building project management involves the following functions: (a) identification of the objectives and plans of the project such as delineation of scope, scheduling, budgeting and selecting participants; (b) proper utilization of resources which pertains to obtaining the appropriate equipment, materials and manpower for the job; (c) implementation of the different processes involved such as design, planning, contracting, estimating and the actual construction in the allotted budget and timeframe; and (d) overseeing communication strategies that would ensure the effective management of all individuals involved in the project and the resolution of any conflicts that could arise.

Of course, for all of these functions to be successfully accomplished, an effective, reliable and highly qualified project manager must be at the helm. Construction projects are substantial investments on the part of the client, so it is only fitting to hire project management experts to take the lead.

In your search for the best project manager for your building project, you need to be on the lookout for an expert who can excel at handling the following responsibilities:

1. Managing the construction project tasks. This includes looking over the proposed project, creating a cost estimate, developing a deliverables schedule, procuring the equipment and materials to be used, setting specific project goals to keep the work on schedule and within the specified budget, and drafting contracts (with the client as well as with the materials suppliers, subcontractors and architects who will be hired for the project).

2. Managing the people. Construction project managers have responsibilities similar to those of managers in virtually any other job field because they get work done through supervising and directing other people. Project managers are tasked with hiring the workers, coordinating their efforts, disciplining those who need a dose of it, and even deciding if a worker is not a good match for the project. He must also be skilled at communicating with both the client for whom the project is being done and the construction company that hired him. Of course, regardless of the size of a project, disputes can arise among its workers, and the project manager must be able to find the best resolution to the conflict.

3. Managing risk. A good construction manager must analyze the potential risks involved in the project (worker safety, work site conditions, public regulations, design miscalculations, environmental provisions, etc.) and devise a plan for monitoring operations and preventing or managing any negative outcomes.    

May 15th, 2019

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