The Benefits Of Working With Specialists In Claims Management Systems

Construction claims arise for a variety of reasons. Among the most common reasons for these are delays in construction and delivery of supplies and materials, changes requested by the owner, poor construction site management, termination of the contract by one party, and the failure of those involved in the project to work together.

There are several strategies that can be implemented by both the owner of a property and construction firms; chief of these is to outline terms clearly through a contract that has been thoroughly analyzed by a legal expert.

However, if you are facing a construction claim, your best recourse would be to enlist the aid of a firm with expertise in construction claims analysis which can provide you with the guidance you will need in order to negotiate these claims and arrive at the best outcomes.

Over the past few years, claims management systems have become an integral component to ensuring the profitability of a project. And as such, the demand for experts in analysis, claim entitlement, documentation and negotiation have come in high demand. But what can such specialist firms contribute to construction claims management?

An expert firm specializing in construction claims understands that each client is unique and, as such, tailors unique approaches to remedy the problem at hand. But apart from resolving claims, the firm should also enable its clients to identify potential causes of claims at an early stage as well as teach the clients how to create claim documentation. It is also crucial for construction firms to learn how to implement contract controls which can protect it from claims. Finally, reliable construction firms should contribute to fostering stronger relationships between all the stakeholders of a project, from the owner to the designer to the contractor.

The successful resolution of a construction claim is based on two things: the establishment of entitlement and the correct pricing of the claim. This is done through thorough analysis of the contract and the facts at hand vis-a-vis established practices in the industry.

These firms offer various services to clients. They may conduct surveys of the construction site. They can also see the early signs of a construction claim situation and recommend the appropriate measures to rectify these issues. Should these issues develop further into a claim, they can help the client in the preparation of documentation to bolster their position.

Apart from a wide of suite of services including contract analysis, assessment of claim options, calculation of costs and preparation of claim text and exhibits, a specialist in construction claims can and should provide the necessary leadership and negotiation techniques toward the positive resolution of issues.

February 13th, 2019

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