What You Need To Know About Contract Administration Services

A provider of project management services is a key player that contributes to the success of a particular endeavor. Planning and making preparations is important, even for the common activities in life such as planning a party, organizing community fundraisers or even setting up a personal bank account. Imagine, then, the amount of work it takes to manage a project that involves a great number of people simultaneously performing a diverse range of tasks.

Constructing a commercial complex, for example, or restoring a historical landmark will need to be done with care, as the project will need to comply with all kinds of relevant regulations and must ensure that all operations can be completed on time and on budget, without creating inconveniences for other parties or causing delays or accidents for other individuals or organizations.

Having mentioned compliance to specific regulations, it is also worthy to note that practically all aspects of a project will require contracts to ensure that all parties working to achieve the end goal are observant of any indicated rules and committed to the scope and restrictions of the endeavor. If you’re at the helm of an important project and you wish to stay on top of the different contracts that set the project in motion, then it would be a good idea to hire a reputable project management firm that also specialises in contract administration services. The specialist firm will represent a client when it comes to project management, technical and contractual matters.

What would these contract administration services include? Cited below are some of the important provisions:

  1. The contract administration experts will liaise with the client for the purpose of defining the unique needs or requirements of the project.
  2. A consulting or engineering firm that is well-versed in the nature of the project will be appointed.
  3. The firm will review the consultant’s prepared design and perform the necessary follow-up. A program will then be created to put all design and preconstruction works together.
  4. A master plan will be produced; this plan for the necessary construction works will serve as the basis of the contractor’s detailed program.
  5. The contract administration service providers will prepare the project’s cost estimate as well as all contracts and documents needed.
  6. A control system will be put in place to effectively control the quality, monitor the progress, and observe the budget of the project.
  7. Project planning activities are then devised and monthly progress reports are produced as necessary.

Thanks to professional contract management, you can be assured that your project, regardless of its size and scope, will be completed according to your strict specifications and overall satisfaction.

November 7th, 2018

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