Working with project management companies in UAE - Keys to Success

An independent management consultant can provide a business organization ample legroom when it comes to managing and completing projects without putting a strain on the organization’s resources. However, enlisting the aid of project management companies in U.A.E. can be problematic if the business organizations which bring in management consultants do not know how to control the chaos that may arise. It is not uncommon for companies to overshoot their budget or miss deadlines.

As such, it is crucial for both the business organization and the project management firm to have a firm grasp of what the project requirements are as well as the associated risks involved.

One of the first key tasks that an organization and its project management partner should perform is to create a project management office which will oversee all the functions associated with the completion of the project. Typically, a project will have an impact and require the participation of various departments in a business organization. And as such, it is crucial to understand the role and contribution of each department as well as coordinate with each to avoid confusion, redundancy and even unnecessary costs.

Afterwards, the next crucial step that needs to be taken is to define a set of criteria by which the project’s success will be gauged. An adjunct to this will be defining the steps that need to be taken, the responsibilities of each role player, and who will be held accountable.

It is also important to create a governance committee which offers several advantages. First, this ensures that the decisions associated with the project are aligned to the objectives of the organization. The committee can also ensure that factors like cost and resource allocation are kept within established bounds.

In managing a project, sometimes one step should be completed prior to moving to the next step. When a deadline is missed, the time frame and the costs associated with the project can unnecessarily increase. As such, it is critical for all the tasks crucial to one step be properly coordinated and managed. Organizations can leverage to their advantage the numerous tools available, some of which are free. Of course, it is essential to have a firm grasp of the organization’s culture as well as technological expertise before settling for one or a set of tools.

Of course, tools are just tools. The bottom line would be knowing which steps are necessary for the completion of a project as well as carefully detailing who the role players are and what their tasks and responsibilities are.

January 6th, 2020

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