Claims Consultancy

How we can help

  • Investigate claimable issues.
  • Define the claim elements.
  • Preparation of time delay analysis.
  • Determination of extension of time (EoT).
  • Calculation of cost implication.
  • Preparation of detailed statement of claim.
  • Representation and consultancy.

Wealth of Experience

Although construction delay claims are some of the most common types of disputes in the industry, they also tend to be the most misunderstood. Our wealth of experience is enhanced, as we strive to learn and gain new insight into the complexities of claims from each project we handle. 

We examine why construction delay claims are brought, how to effectively analyze them, what are the important contractual clauses and how design professionals can defend against them.

Expert Opinions

Delays, disruptions, variations, argument in interpretation of contract clauses are a mundane occurrence in the construction industry. We can foresee the other party’s arguments and analyze our Client’s legal and contractual position. Having vast experience and a proven track record of winning, we are not afraid to give you a professional opinion.

Professional Advice

In merit claims, tort claims, quantum claims or any other claim, which may arise during the execution of any contract, the Client must first be well informed before considering any option for a resolution. 

Since these causes of claims are often the result of miscommunication between the project parties, we focus on unbiased, independent and professional advice as a starting point with all our Clients.

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