Cost Management

How we can help 

  • Develop accurate cost estimates and analysis.
  • Implement cost control procedures.
  • Evaluate change and variation orders.
  • Plan effective procurement.
  • Assess progress and evaluate payments.
  • Earned value management.

Stay within Budgets

The aim of cost control is to produce the best possible buildings within the budgets. Despite best efforts to deliver the project within predetermined time, cost and quality considerations, actual project performance may differ. The range of activities, interrelatedness of activities, uncertainty, interdependence and the degree of stakeholder interests makes staying within budgets a challenge. 

For true control and monitoring, we convert the detailed cost estimate to a project budget and adopt it as a guide for management. We see the numbers at every stage and empower the Clients to stay within the budgets. 

Increase Profits

Problems that arise unexpectedly can wreak havoc with a construction company’s profit margin. Most of these problems are difficult to predict and resolve. Cost escalations erode profits. Our proven methods are designed to combat cost escalations and increase profitability for stakeholders. We consult in planning, streamlining communication and monitoring costs to increase profitability. 

Monitor Costs

During the execution phase, monitoring costs, project controls and record keeping maintain the financial health of a project. 
We utilize cost monitoring as an indicator of value at every phase of a project. If unprofessionally managed costs escalations can spiral out, affect budgets and reduce profitability and even impact the viability of a project. Our attention to detail and ability to investigate makes our solutions a prudent investment. 

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