Engineering Services

How we can help

  • Develop detailed shop drawings.
  • Plan and execute bar bending schedules and cutting lists.
  • Create high quality custom 3D animated plans.
  • Assimilate and communicate dimensions, quantities, specifications, loads, codes and records.
  • Implement accurate and timely material takeoffs.
  • Prepare Building Information Models (3D BIM).
  • Prepare and execute builders drawings (MEP coordinated shop drawings). 

Accurate Drawings

The visually stunning, structurally superior and safe construction projects owe their success to accurate drawings. Our services include contract drawings to depict proposed construction, shop drawings to provide additional details for construction and as built drawings to include changes as a record of the final construction. We help our Clients in drawing, detailing and explaining all engineering drawings.

Clear Communication

As in many situations clear communication is vital in facilitating the desired outcome in a construction project. In engineering and construction projects, complete and accurate communication of the detailed design drawings ensure the health and safety of the workers and its future users. Our structured systems are proven and trusted in some of the leading projects in the region.

Seamless Integration

The true success of a project depends on the efficiency of seamless integration of all project aspects and tasks. In large scale projects, with a myriad of changes and multiple service providers, this can be a formidable task even for experienced companies. As part of our continuous improvement program, Pioneer reviews and adopts effective measures to our methods and systems. 

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