Healthy, Safety & Environment

How we can help

  • Create adoptable health and safety policies.
  • Define, communicate and spread awareness of the health and safety goals, rights and responsibilities.
  • Conduct trainings, meetings, inspection tours and incident investigations to reinforce management commitment and staff compliance.
  • Promote worker participation through hazard assessment, inspections, preventative maintenance, training, emergency response and incident reporting systems.

Zero Accident

Despite various preventive measures, rules and trainings, an accident is always possible due to equipment failure or human error. Having a zero accident target encourages continuous improvement and stricter compliance.

Accidents create substantial losses, demotivate the workforce and damage a company’s reputation. Pioneer’s approach is highly effective, as the greatest importance is placed on the value of human lives.

Safe Projects

Safe projects protect the health and safety of employees, contractors, service providers, customers and the general public. Pioneer helps in adding value to projects by providing advice, guidelines and modules for high quality working environments. Safe projects mean less downtime and less downtime means better profitability. Our systems are designed to empower workers, derive more productivity and encourage greater commitment to the environment. 

Happy Workers

The overall responsibility for health, safety and environment in a company does not simply rest on its management. It is the responsibility of every employee of a company.

While the management implements an effective policy and promotes a culture of HSE, the workers are equally responsible for the strict compliance to the safety measures. We know worker training is the key to ensuring a happy workforce and all our programs are designed to maximize awareness.

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