Planning & Scheduling

How we can help

  • Provide fulltime or part-time planning services.
  • Generate weekly reports, monthly reports and Time Impact Analysis (TIA).
  • Study and analyze contract documents.
  • Prepare baseline program with Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Determine crew structure and standard production rates.
  • Create resource histograms and cash flows.

Time Management

Regardless of size, all construction projects must make the most of time, when numerous duties or tasks are involved. A detailed plan and a schedule keep track of the needed tasks and ensure their orderly completion. Without planning it is easy to spend too much time on a specific task, which may cause other required tasks to suffer a time crunch.

Maintain Budgets 

Accurate planning and scheduling not only ensure projects are completed on time, but also they are completed within the budget. It also helps determine the length of time, required budget, calculate costs of each step and eliminate unnecessary actions. Well executed planning of a previous project aides in creating new business plans and calculating financial requirements of a new project.

Resource Management

Planning and scheduling is necessary to determine the overall manpower and resource requirement of a project. Comparing previous plans or schedules help in saving costs by creating a schedule that eliminates overstaffing. Effective and adequate resource alignment for each specific demand at every stage improves profitability.

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