Quantity Survey & Cost Estimate

How we can help 

  • Identify the BoQ parts and items.
  • Create detailed, easy to read and understand quantified BoQ.
  • Verification of the BoQ integrity with the specifications and preambles.
  • Prepare cost estimates for project finances and budget parameters.
  • Generate dry cost and price scenarios.
  • Workout fast, accurate and comprehensive bids.

How Much? 

Knowing “how much” it costs helps the budgeting. Going over budgets is a major problem in any project and one that must be avoided to deliver great value. However, with the complexities and demands of modern projects combined with volatility in global markets, staying within budgets is an increasing challenge. Pioneer has the knowhow to help our Clients navigate through the risks and stay within budgets.

How Many? 

Knowing “how many” helps determine “how much” it is going to cost. Figuring out how many units of a certain material is needed is fundamental to establishing a budget in any project. Getting it right the first time and every time is vital as quantities drive up costs. We are experts in undertaking tedious and crucial tasks, so our Clients can focus on other aspects of the project. 

How Often?

Knowing “how many” and “how much” means there is a clearer picture for budgeting. We refine this further to make the financial requirements more accurate and meaningful by helping you understand “how often”. With our experience and in depth knowledge, predicting “how often” guarantees the best allocation of resource and smooth continuity of tasks. Knowing how often helps in implementing leaner processes and enhancing value.

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